Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 YMCA Blaisdell FUNdraising Team Tournament

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Registration Information

The registration fee is $20. If you are a student, the discounted fee is $15 (you must show your student ID during check-in). Registration deadline is June 29th.

All payments must be received by July 1st. You can find the mailing address on the tournament registration form. Please go to to register.

We are honored and happy to announce that both the Westin Hotel and Hotel Minneapolis (located in Downtown Minneapolis) have agreed to give away two hotel room vouchers to the tournament participants. We will be holding a raffle to give out these two hotel room vouchers. These vouchers are for 2 nights stay (including weekends) and are good for a year. For those who registers by June 1st, you will have a chance to win these hotel vouchers. We will pick the lucky winner on June 3rd. Your payment must be received by June 3rd to be an eligible raffle winner.

We are also happy and proud to announce that Kung Fu Tea Minneapolis and Upscaled Designs have agreed to sponsor us 80 t-shirts - each team will be assigned to a "color-coded" team t-shirt (e.g., Team 1 players will be assigned to blue color t-shirts). Please note that the first 80 registered players will be given the team t-shirts for free. The 81st registered player onwards can choose to purchase the t-shirts for just an additional of $4. 


We will be organizing a fundraising tournament in July and all proceeds will go to YMCA to support the Youth Sports Program. This is a team-based tournament with the goal of getting to know players from different clubs in the badminton community. We will award medals to the winning team in the top flight. Most importantly, we hope everyone can have some fun playing with different players at the tournament.

The tournament will be held on July 9th (8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.) and 10th (9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at YMCA Blaisdell in Uptown Minneapolis (3336 Blaisdell Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408).

How teams are formed?

·         Players are assigned to a skill level (i.e., A, B, C, and D) based on information from:
o   Club organizers/presidents
o   Previous tournament results
o   Other resources

·         Players are then randomly assigned to different teams
o   The number of teams depends on the number of registered players
o   Each team consists of players of all skill levels: A, B, C, and D

·         A team captain is randomly selected from each team and he/she is responsible to coordinate communications and decisions within the team
o   Please indicate on the registration form if you choose to be EXCLUDED from the selection

How does the tournament work?

·         Players will only compete against opponents who are at the same skill level
o   E.g., A level players will only compete against A level players of another team
o   If a player is absent or withdrawn from the tournament, he/she may be substituted by another player who is at the same level OR the next lower level from the same team
§  E.g., B level player can only be substituted with someone who is of B or C or D level
o   Please INFORM the organizer if a substitute is not possible

·         All the matches are OPEN category DOUBLES matches, meaning there will NOT be a categorization of Mens/Womens/Mixed doubles. The categorization is only done based on SKILL level

·         Each win (best of 3 sets) is worth
o   3 points – for a 2 setter win
o   2 points – for a 3 setter win
o   1 point – for a 3 setter loss

·         There are altogether 8 teams in the tournament. All registered players are assigned to one of the 8 teams. 4 teams are assigned to Group ONE while the other 4 teams are assigned to Group TWO. Please note that assignment of teams to Group ONE or Group TWO is by no means an indication of the teams’ superiority compared to one another
o   Format for the preliminary round is round robin, meaning all teams within each Group will compete against all other teams in the same Group
o   The two teams with the highest score from each of the 2 Groups will proceed to the semifinals of the TOP flight. Format for the semi-finals is elimination

·         Tie-breaker
o   If 2 or more teams within each Group have same scores, the teams are to compete in an additional match.
o   The format of the additional match is a ONE set 3-on-3 game of 31 points.
o   The teams have the final decision to select the 3 players for this additional match based on their respective strategies. The organizers will explain the rules of the 3-on-3 match should a tie-breaker is needed

What happen during the tournament?

·         All teams are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the tournament start time
o   To warm up
o   Get to know your teammates
o   Discuss playing/partnering strategies

·         Team captains are responsible to make sure that all the team members are present and inform the organizers if any players are missing

·         All players are encouraged to stay with their respective teams and cheer for their teams

·         Please respect players of other teams and do NOT jeer/boo


* Please note that these rules are subject to change depending on the number of registered players

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