Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Minnesota Badminton Open Results

Once again, thank you to all players for your participation in the tournament. Congratulations to all the following winners and runner-ups! Hope to see all of you again in the tournament next year!

Men's Singles A

Gabriel Fong (Winner)

Paul Rubin (Runner-up)

Men's Singles B

Ming Tan (Winner)
Milan Vala (Runner-Up)

Men's Singles C

Jie Thing Lee (Winner)

Karthik Krishnan (Runner-up)

 Men's Singles D

Don Sang Chin (Winner)
Sathappan Narayanan (Runner-up)

Women's Singles A

Ngoc Se (Winner)
Ka Lia Her (Runner-up)

Women's Singles B

Hsiao-Man Hsu (Ethel) (Winner)
Petra Hirsova (Runner-Up)

Women's Singles C

Ranee Vang (Winner)
Claire Wu (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles A

Frederick Chua & Clifford Do (Winner)
Anthony Nguyen & Randy Beh (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles B

Jia Yong Lee & Yan Shin Ho (Winner)
Ajay Mohan & Adarsh Kodandapani (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles C

Gaoyuan Wang & Yuanchen Zhuang (Winner)
Christian West & Sangwoo Han (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles D

Alvin Soo & Subramanya Sastry (Subbu) (Winner)

Daniel Chua & Paul Chua (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles A

Summer Mao & Ying Feng (Winner)
Ngoc Se & Zoe Chan (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles B

Brenda Nguyen & Paddy Tay (Winner)

Claire Wu & Rebecca Wong (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles C

Hsiao-Man Hsu (Ethel) & Petra Hirsova (Winner)
Amy Low & Youmei Chen (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles A

Zhe Xu Oeh & Ying Feng (Winner)
Anthony Nguyen & Ngoc Se (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles B

Frederick Chua & Claire Wu (Winner)
David Chua & Yean Ling Chua (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles C

Logan Le & Youmei Chen (Winner)

Aaron Tran & Chusang Nhasang

Mixed Doubles D

Saji Weerasinghe & Petra Hirsova (Winner)

Sal Syed & Liping Sun (Runner-up)

Senior Open Doubles

Paul Chen & J.D. Walker (Winner)

Dane Jorento & Mike Tellers (Runner-up)
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