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2023 MN Winter Team Tournament

Date and Time: SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2023 AT 8:30 AM (start and end time is tentative to change)

Venue: Burnsville High School (600 State Hwy 13, Burnsville, MN 55337 - enter via Door 1)

Registration fees: $30 (entry and payment due on 1/13/23) - Please use only the family and friends option for the payment

This tournament is a team tournament, open to all ages. Youth players are welcome to join as long as you can hit the birdie! Note that you do NOT need to have a team to participate in the tournament.

This is a one-day tournament that runs from the morning until all the matches are completed. If you are not able to be present for the entire tournament, this may not be the tournament for you and we have more opportunities throughout the year for you to participate.

The team tournament is a fun tournament, meant for players to meet and make new friends, both locally and out of state.

Here is how the teams will be formed:

  1. Each registered player will be assigned to a group based on skills and level of play per the response recorded on the entry form and past tournament results.

  2. Right after the registration closes, team captains will be picked. A virtual session will be held among the team captains so that they can pick the players to be on their respective team. Think of this in the way on how the draft pick works.

  3. Once all teams are formed, a confirmation email will be sent out to all registered players to inform which team one belongs to.

  4. Depending on the number of entries, the organizers will decide the total number of teams and players per team as well as the format of the tournament (e.g., singles and doubles or doubles only). There also may be flight B and/or flight C if there are at least 6 teams.

  5. Medals will be awarded to the champion team of each flight. (subject to change)

  6. Cash/gift card prizes will be awarded to the champion team of each flight and the runner-up of the A flight. Note that the cash amount depends on total registration with operating expenses (e.g., gym rental, medals).

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