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International Cup Youth Badminton Open 《国际杯》青少年羽毛球公开赛

Venue: Edina High School

Event Time (时间): Sunday, December 12th, 2021 - 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Event may end later)

Event Address (地点): Activity Center, Edina High School (enter via Door 6)

Registration Cost (Covers all events)(报名费): $30

Registration and Payment deadline (报名截止日期): 12/5/2021 (by midnight)


  • Minnesota International Chinese School

  • Minnesota Badminton/Minnesota Youth Badminton

  • Minnesota Badminton Academy


  • 13 y/o or younger Open Singles

  • 13 y/o or younger Open Doubles

  • 16 y/o or younger Open Singles

  • 16 y/o or younger Open Doubles

  • 20 y/o or younger Boys' Singles

  • 20 y/o or younger Boys' Doubles

  • 20 y/o or younger Girls' Singles

  • 20 y/o or younger Girls' Doubles

a) 每个分项至少需要4个参赛者。如果参赛者人数没有达到比赛要求,组委会有权改变单打或双打的赛制,也有权改变混双和男女双打的规则。

Please note that a minimum of 4 entries is needed for each event. The organizer has the right to change the event(s) to Open Singles/Doubles if the minimum entry number is NOT met. Other events may change as well depending on number of entries (e.g., changing an Open Doubles event to Boys' and Girls' Doubles)

b) 参赛者可以参加比自己年龄高一组的项目比赛,但不可以参加比自己年龄低一组的项目。Keep in mind that if you wish to play an age category up, you are welcome to select it. You will not be able to select an age category down (e.g., If you are 16 you may select up to u19, but you may not select U13). Players are only allowed to register for one Singles and/or one Doubles. Players are NOT allowed to play for an event across multiple age groups (e.g., Singles in both U-13 and U-16). In a different example, a 13 y/o can choose to play in U-13 Open Singles and U-16 Open Doubles, but not U-13 Open Doubles and U-16 Open Doubles.

c) 比赛组委会全权负责组织比赛期间的录音、录像、电视转播、网络传播,以及其他相关活动,所有音像制品的版权属于比赛组委会。The competition committee is solely responsible for organizing the sound recording, video recording, TV broadcasting, online dissemination, and other related activities during the competition. The copyright of all audiovisual products belongs to the organizing committee.

d) 所有被比赛组委会收取的个人资料仅供参加比赛之用,资料将予保密,赛会保留其权利,可将参赛者资料用于比赛有关的推广活动,但不会泄露选手证件、住宅、电话等私人信息。若参赛者不完全提供个人资料或所提供的资料不准确,本赛会保留不受理此参赛者比赛的权利。All personal information collected by the competition committee is only for the purpose of participating in the competition and will be kept confidential. The competition committee reserves the right to use the information of the contestants for promotional activities related to the competition, but will not disclose the identity of the contestants’ personal information, such as IDs, addresses, phone numbers and emails. If the contestant does not provide complete personal information or the information provided is inaccurate, the committee reserves the right not to accept the contestant’s submission for the competition.

e) 组委会是本大赛的最高组织和领导机构,有关大赛各项事务的最终解释权和决定权归大赛组委会所有。The organizing committee is the sole organizer of this competition and reserves the right of final interpretation and decision-making powers of the various affairs of the competition.

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