Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Second Youth Badminton Training Session Now Open for Enrollment

Dear Parents,

Summer Mao, a local coach here in the Twin Cities area, is offering a second session for the Youth Badminton Training Program next month (November). It will be run on Fridays (11/4,11/11, 11/18, and 11/25), 6-8pm at Kennedy Activity Center in Bloomington. The cost is $90. If interested, please send an email to Coach Summer with the following information:

Participant’s name: ______________________  Age: _____  Sex: ____
Parent/Guardian: __________________________
Home Address: ____________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _______________________  Cell Phone: _______________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________
How long has the participant played badminton?       ☐ Never   ☐ Less than 1 year  ☐ More than 1 year

Please send the payment through PayPal to as soon as you can. If you are currently enrolled in the first session, you don’t need to fill out the form.

The session will be canceled if there are less than 5 students.

If you have any questions, you may email or call Summer at (651)246-6074. Looking forward to seeing you and your kids.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Minnesota Badminton Open Results

Once again, thank you to all players for your participation in the tournament. Congratulations to all the following winners and runner-ups! Hope to see all of you again in the tournament next year!

Men's Singles A

Gabriel Fong (Winner)
Paul Rubin (Runner-up)

Men's Singles B

Ming Tan (Winner)
Milan Vala (Runner-Up)

Men's Singles C

Jie Thing Lee (Winner)

Karthik Krishnan (Runner-up)

 Men's Singles D

Don Sang Chin (Winner)
Sathappan Narayanan (Runner-up)

Women's Singles A

Ngoc Se (Winner)
Ka Lia Her (Runner-up)

Women's Singles B

Hsiao-Man Hsu (Ethel) (Winner)
Petra Hirsova (Runner-Up)

Women's Singles C

Ranee Vang (Winner)
Claire Wu (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles A

Frederick Chua & Clifford Do (Winner)
Anthony Nguyen & Randy Beh (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles B

Jia Yong Lee & Yan Shin Ho (Winner)
Ajay Mohan & Adarsh Kodandapani (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles C

Gaoyuan Wang & Yuanchen Zhuang (Winner)
Christian West & Sangwoo Han (Runner-up)

Men's Doubles D

Alvin Soo & Subramanya Sastry (Subbu) (Winner)

Daniel Chua & Paul Chua (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles A

Summer Mao & Ying Feng (Winner)
Ngoc Se & Zoe Chan (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles B

Brenda Nguyen & Paddy Tay (Winner)

Claire Wu & Rebecca Wong (Runner-up)

Women's Doubles C

Hsiao-Man Hsu (Ethel) & Petra Hirsova (Winner)
Amy Low & Youmei Chen (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles A

Zhe Xu Oeh & Ying Feng (Winner)
Anthony Nguyen & Ngoc Se (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles B

Frederick Chua & Claire Wu (Winner)
David Chua & Yean Ling Chua (Runner-up)

Mixed Doubles C

Logan Le & Youmei Chen (Winner)

Aaron Tran & Chusang Nhasang

Mixed Doubles D

Saji Weerasinghe & Petra Hirsova (Winner)

Sal Syed & Liping Sun (Runner-up)

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