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2022 MNBA Fall Open

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We are happy to announce the upcoming tournament in fall. This is our second tournament of the year and we want to try out a different tournament format. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our main tournament sponsor, Minnesota International Chinese School (MICS).

Please spend some time reading the following information.

You will need an account to sign up. Payment information is in the details below. Thank you.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TOURNAMENT DETAILS. This is NOT our typical drop-flight tournament.

  • This is NOT a drop-flight tournament, meaning players will not be dropped to B, C, or D bracket.

  • The respective drop flights (i.e., B, C, and D bracket) are now considered an event of itself. For example, Men's Singles A and Men's Singles B are considered 2 events.


  • Recreational/Junior Doubles

  • Senior Open Doubles (45 y/o or older)

  • Men's Singles A

  • Men's Singles B

  • Men's Singles C

  • Men's Singles D

  • Women's Singles A

  • Women's Singles B

  • Women's Singles C/D

  • Men's Doubles A

  • Men's Doubles B

  • Men's Doubles C

  • Men's Doubles D

  • Women's Doubles A

  • Women's Doubles B

  • Women's Doubles C/D

  • Mixed Doubles A

  • Mixed Doubles B

  • Mixed Doubles C

  • Mixed Doubles D

  • There will be a main and a consolation bracket for each event.

  • Event(s) may be combined or canceled if there are insufficient entries.

  • Scoring format may change depending on received entries. The current default is the best of 3 (21 points) for the main bracket and one match of 31 points in the consolation bracket.

  • IMPORTANT: Players are only allowed to sign up for 2 consecutive flights/levels. You cannot skip a flight/level.


  • Men's Singles A and B - ALLOWED

  • Men's Singles A and C - NOT allowed

  • Men's Singles A, Men's Singles B, and Men's Singles C - NOT allowed

  • Women's Singles A/B, Mixed Doubles B, Mixed Doubles D - NOT allowed (the eligible events are XD B and XD C)

  • Maximum number of events allowed: 4

Fees are as the following:

  • 1st event: $35

  • 2nd event: $15

  • Additional events: $10/additional event

  • High School Student Flat Rate - $35 (need to specify high school name in the Club section)

  • Entry is NOT valid until payment is made. Please send your payment to:

    • Venmo: @MinnesotaBadminton-Academy

    • PayPal:

    • Please use the FAMILY and FRIEND option. Do NOT use the seller or protection option.

    • NOTE that fees deducted resulted from using the seller or protection option may be collected from you at check-in.

    • Early Bird Registration and Payment Deadline: August 20th, 2022

    • FINAL Registration and Payment Deadline: August 26th, 2022

  • Each player playing doubles will need to sign up separately. Your entry is not complete until your partner signs up.

  • Sandbagging is NOT allowed. The organizer(s) have the right to change your events if there are information/other tournament results indicate your appropriate fit.

    • For example, if we find a tournament which shows that you end up in the B flight/level and you sign up for both C and D flight events, you will be moved to B and C instead. We will inform you of any changes made before finalizing the entries.

  • IMPORTANT: Players who make it to the semifinals of the higher level will be disqualified from the lower level.


  • John plays in both Men's Singles A and B. He manages to get into the semifinals of the A flight. He is now disqualified from Men's Singles B flight.

  • Anna plays in both Women's Doubles B and Women's Doubles C. Anna loses her first match in the B bracket and gets dropped to the consolation bracket. With great effort, Anna gets to the consolation finals. Anna can continue to play in the Women's Doubles C at the same time.

  • Women's or Men's Doubles must play in the flight of the higher ranked player and a player must play with the same partner regardless of flight/level. As for Mixed Doubles, the level is mainly determined by the level of the male player. In some cases, the level of the female player (especially those who have competed/trained professionally) will be considered. The organizers reserve the right to re-assign your entry to the appropriate level as needed and will inform you and your partner before doing so.

    • For example, John cannot play with Anna AND Roxy in XD B and C respectively. John can only play with Anna OR Roxy.

  • Please do NOT use fake names! No more Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei.

  • The tournament format and rules are subject to change and at the organizer's discretions.

THANK YOU for reading! If you have any questions, please contact the organizers at

Tentative schedule:

We are planning to finish playing an entire event for the same day due to the tournament format.


  • Men's Doubles (all levels)

  • Women's Singles (all levels)

  • Women's Doubles (all levels)

  • Senior Open Doubles


  • Men's Singles (all levels)

  • Mixed Doubles (all levels)

  • Recreational Open

Please note that depending on the number of entries, we may start playing some Men's Singles matches on Saturday late afternoon.


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