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2024 MNBA Open Olympic Edition

Updated: Jul 12

With the contribution of all our generous sponsors, we are excited to announce that the 2024 MNBA Open is happening again this year! To top it off, the sponsors have enabled us to host an Olympic edition this year. So, I'd love to take the opportunity to thank our proud sponsors:

Chinese Community Center (CCC)

Chinese American Chamber of Commerce - MN

Kung Fu Tea

Joy Badminton

Song Tea

The Cajun House

98 Pounds


Kinzo Udon


Hawaii Poke

Master Noodle (MOA & St. Paul)

Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations (AMCO)

Stallion Insurance Group

Twin City Acupuncture Center

So, what does Olympic edition mean?

This year, on the registration form, you will be asked which country you'd like to represent. You can choose to either represent your birth country or your current country of citizenship. We may combine a few countries into one, depending on total representation of the country.

Players representing the country with the most medals (across all events and flights) will receive an additional medal and will be eligible to be entered into a raffle, winning additional cash money. A minimum of $1000 cash is allocated for this special prize. We are hoping to be able to award all players representing the winning country. Exact details will be announced once the sponsored amount is final.

TENTATIVE - We may also have a flag bearer ceremony on Saturday morning and a prize giving ceremony for the tournament at the end of Sunday. We are also planning to play the national anthem of the country with most medals. Players are required to be present to win the special Olympic prize money.

Given that Monday is Labor Day, we are hoping majority of the players could stay till the end of the tournament on Sunday. Once sponsorship details are final, we will share the exact rundown of the tournament along with the total cash amount of the special Olympic prize. We are anticipating that the tournament may run longer than previous years and hoping that you can plan your travel accordingly.

The registration link is now up. Please click here.

Additionally, you will have the chance to purchase a t-shirt with your name and country printed on it for just $20! Due date for purchase and payment is August 1st. You will see this on the registration form.

Tournament Details:

Registration deadline: August 18th (Sunday) by 11:59 p.m.

Registration fees: 1 event $40, 2 events $60, $10 per additional event (Max 3 events - $70)


  • Men's Singles

  • Men's Doubles

  • Women's Singles

  • Women's Doubles

  • Mixed Doubles

  • Senior Men's Doubles (45 y/o or older)

  • Senior Women's Doubles (35 y/o or older)

  • Senior Mixed Doubles (Male player needs to be 45 y/o or older; Female player needs to be 35 y/o or older)

  • Recreational (16 y/o or younger - has not competed in the open category - the organizer reserves the right to move player from this event to the open category)

Events are subjective to change. Offered events will be finalized once registration form is ready

This is a drop-flight format. If you lose your first match, you will drop to C. If you win your first, but lose your second match, you will drop to B. The organizer reserves the right to cancel any event if the minimum of 8 entries is not met.

NOTE: SANDBAGGING (i.e., LOSING ON INTENTION) is NOT allowed in this tournament and players suspected of sandbagging will be disqualified. All players are required to inform the organizer if you suspect foul play. Players are given the opportunity to continue playing should you play per your level in the remaining of the matches. If continuing foul play is suspected despite given warning, the organizer reserves the right to DISQUALIFY the player(s) suspected of foul play from the tournament. Registration fees will NOT be refunded.

Elementary through High School Student Flat Rate - $30 (need to specify school name in the Club section)

Registration fee payment method:

  • PayPal to (

  • When making payment via PayPal, please use the "Send money to family and friends" option. We are a non-profit organization and cannot afford the incurred fees. THANK YOU!

  • Any fees incurred using the seller option may be collected from you at check-in.

  • Refunds for withdrawal will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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